The following list highlights the range of equipment for which we are able to provide a supply, install and support service:

- Audio Visual systems 

- Theatre Lighting, Video Projection and Audio Surround Sound systems 

- Closed Circuit Television equipment CCTV 

- Public Address and Alarm Systems - Retail, Industrial & Petrochemical Plant 

- Data and Structured cabling (CAT5/6) Networks - Acoustic Surveys 

- Telephone Exchanges and Distribution 

- Building Management Systems 

- Office Telephone systems, Facsimile and Intercom

- Copper Cable Distribution Systems 

- Telecommunication Towers and Antenna Systems 

- Fiber Optic Cable and Transmission equipment 

- Automatic Vehicle Location and Tracking Systems 

- Access Control systems 

- VHF/UHF Radio systems 

- Data Communications and Ethernet LAN’s 

- Control Room Eqipment & Operator Consoles 

- Hazardous Area Plant Telephones, Beacons, Sounders and Enclosures 

- Nurse Call Systems 

- Meteorology weather monitoring stations 

- Portable Handheld Radios 

- Mobile Vehicle Radio System 

- Marine Radio base stations and Portables 

- Marine Radar and Navigation Aids 

- GSM Mobile Telephones 

- QTEL TMR system 

- SCADA and Telemetry Networks 

- Paging Systems 

- Fire Station Telecoms 

- Point-of-Sale Retail networks 

- EAS Electronic Article Surveillance Systems

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