With a team of experienced professional Engineers and Technicians, Apollo Telecommunications is in a position to offer a full package of Telecommunication services including engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning. 

Our staff include certified structured cabling designers and installers, certified antenna systems installers and factory trained SDH/PDH Technicians. The company is also a registered contractor with QTEL with certified block wiring installers and is fully licensed as a Telecommunications dealer.

Our response to public and private tenders for telecommunication works, either as primary or sub-contractor, is based on providing committed quality service while retaining competitive pricing structures.

Project documentation is incorporated in our service and includes production of project schedules, scope of work detail, Bill of Quantity, system descriptions, layout, wiring and system CAD drawings, O&M manuals, technical reports and preventive maintenance routines as required by the client.

As added re-assurance for customers, assistance from vendors representatives is utilized as required for commissioning of specialist systems. A well equipped Telecommunications workshop also enables us to offer repair and maintenance services for a variety of telecommunications system, security and radio equipment.

The above infrastructure also enables us to offer a full maintenance warranty service once contract acceptance and handover is completed in addition to standard manufacturers guarantees.

We are also a Qatar Petroleum approved Telecommunications contractor and are currently engaged as Telecommunications sub-contractor for SHELL PEARL GTL Plant.


In accordance with Client requirements, Apollo Telecommunications will provide all the necessary resources and infrastructure to implement a maintenance service covering breakdown and planned preventive maintenance for all Telecommunication systems and equipment on the site.

Some of the advantages to the customer for out-sourcing these works include:

- Long term cost savings 

- No employee recruitment, administration or supervision costs

- Customer consultation and review at all stages of the contract 

- Performance monitoring and periodic reviews 

- Removal of customer requirement for employment of specialist staff 

- Experienced professionals supplied for positions of responsibility 

- Focus on listening to the Customer and providing a tailored service

- Attention to detail and communication as key components of service 

- Performance objectives and accountability features 

- Seamless integration with client operational procedures and methodology 

- Flexible and responsive work ethic

A typical agreement would be structured around the following scope:

- Provision of experienced and qualified staff to operate a maintenance service regarding failures and breakdowns in communication and security systems. 

- Supply and implementation of the necessary procedures for standby and call-out service. 

- Provision of comprehensive fault reporting and scheduled follow-up procedures. 

- Detection, fixing and recording of faults. 

- Monitoring of operating systems and provision of daily status reports.

- Provision of Senior Engineer expertise to supervise/assist site based technicians. 

- Supply of technicians to carry out repairs, installation and replacement of equipment. 

- Maintenance of spare parts records and follow up of external repair activities. 

- Ensure warranty issues are highlighted and actioned. 

- Monitor and follow-up third party companies involved in repairs and installations. 

- Production and implementation of planned preventive maintenance procedures and actions. 

- Liaison with QTEL for all Telecommunications license and regulatory affairs. 

- Provision of necessary tools, training, transport and supervision.

Apollo staffs have a background in Maintenance activities and can offer a value added contribution to the efficient operation of a plant through the following facilities:

- Twenty-four hour service, staff with GSM, Pagers and Portable handheld radios 

- On-site team to respond immediately to maintenance requests 

- Detail survey to establish systems and equipment quantities 

- Technicians reporting to Engineering or Operations management 

- Daily reporting structure according to client 

- Technicians experienced and certified as needed 

- Senior Engineer expertise available at a level to be defined 

- Performance monitoring with periodic reviews included in contract

Close the deal

Apollo Telecommunications can provide initial concept and design detail for Telecommunication projects as part of a major civil project or as a standalone project.

This may include system description and preparation of technical specifications, outline drawings and scope of work documents as required by project managers and design consultants.

Subject to suitable detailed consultations and applicable review and approval cycles high quality documentation is produced in CAD format, on CD or as hard copy to suit the requirements of the client.

Grab interest

Apollo Telecommunications is actively seeking to form representative agreements with manufacturers and system suppliers operating throughout the field of Telecommunications who wish to establish or expand their business in the Qatar market.

Services available for prospective partners in this field include responding to inquiries and providing elements of marketing, administration and local engineering in order to provide an operational base for expansion of the company’s activities in Qatar.

We are currently appointed as a ADC-KRONE re-seller and hold the following agencies


Emergency and Safety Communication Systems 


Structured Cable Materials - Re-seller 


Re-seller for telephone and data network materials  


Integrated Security Systems 

Hazardous area CCTV systems 


Telecommunications and IT batteries 


IP Telephone system


The trading history of the Group provides an experienced platform which enables fast and efficient sourcing and procurement of all types of telecommunication materials, spare parts and consumables.

Our knowledgeable staff and established network of overseas suppliers allows us to respond to inquiries and facilitates an accurate and rapid response to Material and Procurement departments requirements.

We utilize many information resources including an extensive catalogue library, web based supplier product databases, locally based agents and group partner companies overseas to provide the most up to date and efficient service for customers.


Apollo Telecommunications is able to supply specialist in Telecommunications and staffs on short or long term contracts to carry out installations, maintenance, surveys or projects work as required.

Utilizing the Apollo group’s extensive recruitment resources, suitably experienced Engineers or Technicians can be provided to Companies with specific requirements in this field.

Using experienced Telecommunications Engineers for evaluation and selection ensures the most suitable candidates are submitted for evaluation and the job requirements are suitable fulfilled.